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3 Quick Tips For Better Website Bios

July 03, 2018

When a potential client visits your website, it's likely that he or she will quickly click to your biography. And the smaller the firm, the more one's bio views increase as a percentage of overall traffic. With such scrutiny on these pages, it's important to maximize their effectiveness. Here are three quick and easy ways to improve your web bio right away:
1. Offer multiple ways to make contact
When it comes to establishing communication, one size does not fit all. Some prospects will pick up the phone, where others may prefer to email or connect via LinkedIn. Make sure your web bios have a clear header with all of this information (and your v-card) in one place. Here's an example:
2. Segment your information
A biography with all of your CV information embedded in a running narrative makes research more tedious for your prospects. Instead, break your bio up into clearly segmented blocks with practice areas, admissions, education, representative matters, and other key components nicely spaced. The remaining narrative will be shorter and more on point.
3. Make sure it prints well
Prospects conducting due diligence on a law firm will frequently print pages from the website to read offline or pass on to others. Make sure that your bios are well-formatted and print crisply without clutter or unnecessary web navigation.
There are, of course, many more best practices that one can incorporate... but these are a great place to start. If you would like additional insights specific to your firm, feel free to contact us for a more thorough review of your bios.