Our Disciplines

While ICVM is capable of working in most industry settings, we are best known for our work across the following disciplines:

  • Law Firms

    ICVM Group is renowned for its body of work with law firms. We count among our clients some of the most prestigious global firms, as well as many successful small and mid-size boutiques. Our innovative approaches to presenting legal marketing content have become predominant best practices found on most law firm websites today. 

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  • Thought Leadership

    When a particular practice or team within a firm is doing exceptional work, or breaking ground in a trending area of law or business consulting, a dedicated thought leadership website initiative can be a powerful marketing tool. Free of the constraints of the firm's main website, a thought leadership microsite allows the high-achieving group to showcase the full depth of its expertise with a powerful and targeted message. Whether we designed your primary website or not, ICVM Group can help you identify thought leadership opportunities within your firm and bring them to market.

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  • Audience Portals

    ICVM Group offers broad-based experience in the design and development of web-based portals for discrete audiences and member-driven communities. From security to user management to integration with existing CRM systems, we can help you facilitate a highly personalized experience for your most valuable visitors.

  • Information-As-A-Service (IAAS)

    The best consulting firms, law firms and professional services organizations understand that when it comes to corporate decision-making, information is everything. Where digital insight meets human expertise, a new breed of Information-As-A-Service (IAAS) web applications offers clients with immediate access to the information they need most... anytime, anywhere and perfectly tailored to their needs (whether their advisor is available or not).

    Do you have a high-value data set that you would like to offer your clients as a value-add or on a paid basis? Talk to ICVM Group. We have the experience, application design and security experience to make your next IAAS initiative a success.

  • Corporate & Business

    Over nearly two decades, ICVM Group has worked with hundreds of clients across a myriad of different industries. Our passionate interest in what our clients do inspires us to find new and creative ways to tell their stories online. 

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  • Non-Profit, Community & Advocacy

    Among our most special projects are those for clients committed to the greater good. ICVM embraces the mission of client as our own, leveraging our skills and expertise to help further each cause.

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