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ICVM's Work Commended By The Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards For Second Year In A Row.


On December 12, the Financial Times published its FT North America Innovative Lawyers 2017 report, in which ICVM client Sullivan & Cromwell LLP was listed among the “FT25: Most Innovative Law Firms and Legal Service Providers 2017.” The firm was recoginized in several categories, including a “Commendation” in the area of “Data, Knowledge and Intelligence” for its Banking Enforcement Actions Tracker (BEAT). The BEAT is a web-based tool, built by ICVM Group, that aggregates and displays data pertaining to significant enforcement actions against banking organizations by the federal banking agencies and select other federal and state agencies. The BEAT permits users to directly search and sort the actions based on key factors of interest and using search terms, and provides important summary information about each action, thus making unnecessary the labor-intensive manual searches and reviews that had previously been required to compile meaningful information about enforcement actions. There are two versions of the BEAT: a limited version, which is publicly available, and a full version, which is available to clients of Sullivan & Cromwell and offers additional features.

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This is the second year in a row that ICVM's work figured into the FT North America Innovative Lawyers report. In 2016, ICVM client Shearman & Sterling was Commended for developing Merger Matrix, a web-based tool that automates the analysis of antitrust filing obligations for M&A deals in 62 countries. ICVM developed the structure surrounding the Merger Matrix application and integrated it into the firm's Online Services single-sign on environment that houses many specialty applications and portals.

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