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Panel Discussion at LMA Northeast: Winning Thought Leadership Microsites


Your main website contains only a handful of pages of interest to any single visitor, among tens of thousands that are of no interest at all. Microsites can showcase your firm’s commitment to specific subject matter area and drive engagement with some of your most high-value audiences. Stephan Roussan, ICVM Group President and Creative Director, will lead an interactive panel discussion at the LMA Northeast Conference on Oct. 26th 2018 in Boston, Massachussetts which will cover how to identify thought leadership opportunities within your firm and capitalize on them through the strategic deployment of microsites and blogs. Other panelists include representatives from the law firm of Shearman & Sterling, and from business intelligence platfrom provider Manzama.

The session will include:

  • Identifying winning microsite topics for your firm How microsites can help rebuild what GDPR took away
  • The “read and react” content model Internal and external content sources
  • Open, registration-based, and password-protected visitation models
  • Specialized functionality that can bring your initiative to life
  • Short-vs-long shelf-life models (both can work)
  • Distribution methods
  • SEO impacts
  • Key Do’s and Don’ts with microsite deployments
  • Project planning
  • Budgeting 

For more information and to register: