Our Capabilities

ICVM Group is a full-service digital agency with deep strategic, creative and technical capabilities cultivated over two decades and hundreds of unique projects.

  • Website Design

    The creation of beautiful and intelligent web-based user experiences is our core competency around which all other capabilities revolve. We are design-driven. Technology always works in support of design, not the other way around.

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  • Website Development

    Our web development team has the skill and expertise to execute any desired design experience. If you've seen it on the web, anywhere, we can build it. Our open, flexible approach to development allows for rapid deployment, better evolution over time, and maximum ROI.

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  • Consulting & Strategy

    The seeds of success or failure of most website projects are usually sown before the project even begins. Proper rationale, dialogue, buy-in, planning and resources are essential for securing a desireable outcome. Having a partner who asks the right (and sometimes tough) questions, listens intently, and brings industry-specific experience will help ensure that your project is a winning one.

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  • Content Management Systems

    ICVM's industry-specific, purpose-built Content Management Systems are a welcome change from the generic and tedious CMS systems offered by most web vendors. Simpler, easier to use, and built around your project's specific requirements, an ICVM CMS puts you in complete control over your website's content using your organization's preferred taxonomy and nomenclature. Most importantly, it can be expanded to incorporate additional functionality as the site evolves.

  • Database and Systems Integration

    In today's information-intensive marketplace, it's all about data. Whether it's moving in and out of your site or keeping it all in synch and talking to diverse systems in real time, ICVM's database engineers can help make your website a fluid and reliable conduit within your broader information distribution network.

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  • Mobile App Design & Development

    When a marketing initiative has a clear hook and offers two-way value reciprocity between the seller and the buyer, a dedicated mobile app can be a great way to stay in the minds of your prospective clients. ICVM can design your mobile app for you, as well as integrate it with your content management system and other key assets.

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  • icXlegal

    Developed to anticipate the marketing needs of small to medium sized law firms, as well as AMLAW top-200 firms needing a robust speed-to-market solution for thought leadership and foreign language microsite initiatives, icXlegal satisfies the highest demands for quality and performance in a future-proof platform.

  • icXpro

    icXpro is a subscription-based website service developed specifically for small and medium professional services organizations, and the first such service to definitively close the quality gap between generic web products and high-budget custom websites. With icXpro, you can have an agency-quality design, rich feature set and powerful content management capabilities at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent custom website.

  • Corporate Identity Design

    ICVM often provides clients with brand strategy, corporate identity, positioning and messaging deliverables. These are generally produced in context of a larger web or digital initiative, but ultimately bear strong influence on the organization's overall marketing efforts.

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  • Collateral & Media Design

    Our integrated approach ensures a high level of brand consistency and message penetration across all marketing initiatives. We are always working to develop new and more effective ways to synchronize our clients' marketing efforts by creatively linking programs through different media.

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